Umasons Auto Compo Pvt. Ltd.

We house extensive manufacturing prowess owing to specialised and automated processes. Innovation , efficiency and effectivity are ingrained in our system.

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Our Capabilities

Business functions at Umasons are developed with a keen technical and procedural sense. The company is expert in studying part drawings, creating CAD models for tooling and fixturing, understanding tooling requirement and establishing tooled up production lines with a speed and accuracy

New Product Development

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A dedicated team of experienced engineers who are skilled in
understanding component drawing, designing and creating tooling and fixturing plan for mass production.
We use state of the art equipments such as CMM to ensure dimensional accuracies required by the fixture and part dimensions.

Aluminium Forging & Heat Treatment

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We have been able to add this capability of Aluminum forging, aluminum heat treatment
and aluminum welding in record time for an urgent requirement by a German automobile company BMW.


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Our state of the art machining setup has latest VMCs.
Having our own machining setup helps us to have a better control on machining processes of critical dimensions.

Tubular Fabrication

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We have mastered developing and manufacturing tubular components for more than two decades.
Be it cold tube bending, hot tube bending, robotic welding ... we are capable of establishing production
lines and supply with assured quality in shortest possible time.

Surface Treatment

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Our strength and knowledge lies in two decades of our experience of surface treatments such as
Nickel Chromium plating, ED coating, Powder coating. We strive and ensure minimal
impact on environment by following all the rules and regulations of effluent treatment set by the govt.

Product & Process Testing

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We are very firm about the quality of our processes and the product.
To get the desired output we periodically check the intermittent output of processes.
To be able to do this we have a well set welding penetration lab, salt spray testing equipment and oven and quenching test


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Coveyorised and syncronised assembly lines help us finish millions of assemblies every year.
It is easy to implement mistake proofing techniques to improve assembly quality and reduce costs.


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We consider "Quality" as the most important parameter.
Our state of the art product and process quality control systems and material inspection labs help us maintain the quality
for high production volumes and direct on the line supply to our customers.

Learning Center

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We consider " Learning" is a continuous process.
Our team is always excited to learn and experiment to improve PQCDSM parameters.